Stop Drowning in a Sea of Data

We are Caretta Data, your consolidated source for institutional ownership and short interest data. Caretta data sets have global coverage and deep history. We clean and enhance the data for easy integration and present it via streams, APIs, and flat files.

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Accurate Data
Straight from the Source


Eliminate the Hazards Associated with Using Opaque Data Sources

To ensure the greatest accuracy in our data, we go straight to the source: fund managers, exchanges, and regulatory bodies. We verify and spot check the data against industry standard sources to make sure our clients don’t miss valuable insights.

Deep History Combined with...
Global Coverage


Traders, Analysts and Data Scientists can’t afford to have blind spots in their data. That’s why we scour the globe for current and historical data including Asia Pacific, Emerging, and Frontier markets.

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Supercharged Data
Ready for Analysis

Available Now in Formats You Can Actually Use

We engineered a global security master to enrich all data entering our system. Clean data are piped into familiar, consistent output formats designed to be easily relatable and ready for quantitative analysis.

Insightful & Clean
Features & Analytics


Portfolio Intelligence

Analyze holdings delta, country/sector exposure, and peer comparisons

Fund Crowding

Pinpoint stock constituency and concentration among fund groups

Manager Metrics

Compare current and historical manager performance based on position performance

Trade Analysis

Measure the performance of significant fund manager short positions


Integrate data into your daily workflow seamlessly with convenient functions

Quant-Friendly API

Query and stream data in common formats through a simple Web API

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